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At GrafiFlex we have a team of professionals in graphic arts and flexography capable of carrying out each stage of your investment project in corporate brand identification. For this reason we offer the following services:



Called Engravings, Clise or plate, the plates in photopolymer are plastic materials sensitive to untraviolet light (UV rays), which are made by a direct process. They are engraved by a laser on the carbon mask that comes with the photopolymer, exposed to ultraviolet light that penetrates the areas removed by the laser commonly called image areas. The exposed (polymerized) area remains as a raised image and is defined as the printing surface of the plate.

Graphic design

Graphic Design is an interdisciplinary branch of design, whose foundations and objectives revolve around the definition of problems and the determination of objectives for decision-making through creativity, innovation and lateral thinking along with digital tools, transforming them to its proper interpretation. This activity helps to optimize graphic communications


Hexachromia allows the combination of a wide range of colors, which can be produced with a defined number of colorants in a specific design. Printing systems cannot produce the full spectrum of colors that the human eye can see, but with hexachromia it is able to achieve it as a high percentage.

Color digital prints

When considering commercial printing, there are many elements to consider. And it is that far from being only the last step of the creative process, printing is also one of the most important to ensure that the content created is represented as we want.


When we talk about characterizing the press, it means that we standardize the entire printing process, from the Pre-Press to the press, setting the type of plate, Inks, Mounting Tapes and Anilox.