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Sticky back or double-sided tape is one of the variables within the printing process that directly influences the final result. Each press must be chosen based on the needs. Its thickness, density (hardness) and type of adhesive must be able to withstand high speed and pressure conditions, as well as resist the absorption of solvents and inks, provide a strong and long-lasting adhesion to ensure that the plates remain in place for long periods of time. the whole run.

In the market we will find several suppliers, with global recognition, in terms of quality, variety, assistance and distribution. Here we name 3 companies specialized in the manufacture of this input:

3M: Whose full name is Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, founded in 1902 in the United States. It started as a mining company, but over time diversified into a wide range of products, including adhesives, tapes, abrasion products, among others. Its plate mounting tapes are recognized worldwide for their quality and presence. They offer a wide variety of tapes manufactured to suit different needs and application conditions. This includes options with different levels of thickness, flexibility, conformability to surfaces, solvents, UV rays and temperature extremes, ensuring reliable performance in a variety of environments.

Tesa: It is a German company that was founded in 1906 under the name “tesa tape”. From the beginning they focused on the manufacture of adhesive tapes and other adhesive-related products. Over the years, it has grown to become a leading company in adhesive solutions and tape technologies. They are widely accepted in the industry for their quality and reliability. Its double-sided tapes are characterized by having strong and durable adhesion, in a variety of options adapting applications, thicknesses, resistance and conforming properties on irregular surfaces, relatively easy to use and apply, facilitating the assembly process and reducing installation time. .

Biessse: Founded in 1978 in Italy. The BiesSse group operates worldwide through its subsidiaries in Austria, Brazil, China and Mexico. The Tapes Division designs and produces high-performance adhesive tapes for the most challenging industrial applications in the global market. They offer various high-performance ranges with different degrees of adhesion (removable, repositionable, semi-permanent, permanent and ultra-permanent), cohesion (low, medium and high) and wettability (wet and dry). They offer to provide customized solutions according to specific requirements, as well as assistance during the design, development, testing and implementation processes, covering fields such as flexible packaging, labels, pre-printed and post-printed cardboard.

Which one to use? It will depend on which one best suits your process and for this the most advisable thing is to ask the supplier for a sample so that you can print a fingerprint. That way you will be able to observe, document and analyze their behavior along with all the variables involved and make a decision based on results.

If you have completed this step and need more guidance in this regard, we will remain at your service.

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