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It’s the end of the year and your presses know it, Maintenance!

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Are your presses ready to receive new projects? After a year of long printing, maintenance of your presses is essential to ensure consistent performance and prolong their useful life.

If you do not yet have a protocol for this purpose, we present a basic annual one that you can follow. Please note that this is a general starting point, and you may need to adapt it depending on the manufacturer’s specifications and the conditions of your equipment:

• Disconnect the press and perform a complete visual inspection of all parts.

• Depending on the case, partial disassembly for cleaning and inspection.

• Look for signs of wear, corrosion or damage to key components.

• Inspection and cleaning of drying systems.

• Inspection of electrical and electronic components.

• Perform functional tests on switches and electrical safety devices.

• Review of control systems.

• Verification of registration accuracy and adjustments as necessary.

• Inspection and lubrication of bearings and other moving components.

• Identify any parts subject to wear, such as blades, bearings, etc.

• Press calibration to ensure optimal print quality.

• Perform a deep cleaning of the anilox rollers.

Additional Tips:

• Documents all maintenance activities performed.

• Maintain an inventory of essential spare parts, don’t wait to need them.

• Follow safety guidelines during maintenance.

• Provides training to personnel on preventive maintenance and correct handling of the press and its components.

Please remember that these are general guidelines, and the exact frequency of maintenance may vary depending on specific usage conditions and recommendations. Also, keep in mind that some maintenance tasks may require the intervention of specialized personnel. Timely detecting potential problems before they become major problems will guarantee the efficiency of your team, saving time, money, and customer satisfaction.