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The Linearity and its influence on image reproduction

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Linearity is one of the process variables that directly influences the definition of the image. We know that with higher rulings we will obtain greater definition and with lower ones there will be less definition. To successfully work at the highest rulings, you require high-quality inputs and a characterized press.

To guarantee image reproducibility, we recommend taking a moment and observing all the variables involved in the process:

• The more absorbent the substrate may require a different liner compared to the less absorbent ones.

• The anilox you are going to use.

• The Design to print, if it has patterns, solid colors, texts or if they are expanded colors.

• The ink you are going to use must be compatible with the substrate.

• You must use the type of stickyback that best suits your process to ensure the correct fixation of the plates.

• Define the speed of the machine; the higher the ruling, it is recommended to print at a lower speed to ensure adequate ink transfer.

As you can see, all the variables involved in the printing process act together to achieve the same objective, standardizing the process requires careful testing and adjustments. If you want to increase the resolution of your prints and you don’t know how, we encourage you to do a press characterization, standardizing all the variables and guaranteeing the result you want.

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