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The Oscars of the Flexographic Guild

Flexographic printing, being one of the fastest growing industries worldwide, is always in constant evolution, positively impacting processes   and results. For this reason, different trade organizations expose these innovations to the world with the aim of being known and implemented by everyone who wishes. For this reason we have made for you a summary of some of the most important awards worldwide:

Flexographic Technical Association – FTA: Based in the United States, it organizes the “Excellence in Flexography” awards to recognize excellence in flexographic printing in various categories of products and processes. They are highly respected in the industry and attract entrants from across the Americas, considered the premier contest in the flexographic industry. Each work received is evaluated individually by a panel of judges for its degree of difficulty and level of execution. Award-winning prints offer proof of significant achievement in quality, garnering worldwide recognition and coverage.

European Flexographic Industry Association – EFIA: Established in Brussels, it organizes the Diamond Awards every two years to honor outstanding achievements in the industry on the European Continent. In 2024 they will be hosted by FTA Europe, on the occasion of the Drupa Expo Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany.

ABRE Award for Brazilian Packaging: Organized by the Association of Flexographic Printers of Brazil (ABFLEXO), this year it will hold its 23rd edition and its main objective is to choose packages that stand out as icons of excellence and sustainability in that country.

Association Technique Française de Flexographie – ATF FLEXO: They organize the FlexoStars Awards, with categories that seek to recognize original, unique and different works, in terms of technique, support, ink, materials and environmental sustainability.

World Packaging Organization – WPO: They seek to recognize those packaging innovations that have previously won a prize in major national competitions. Its awards are made up of three groups: Worldstar Global Packaging Awards, Worldstar Student Packaging Awards and WPO Lifetime Achievement Awards. All with the aim of stimulating the development of science, technology, access and packaging engineering, fostering international trade and promoting education in packaging.

ATEF: The Spanish Technical Association of Flexography, recognizes the best practices in flexography through its National Flexography Contest, where the national winners compete at a European level in the international Diamond Awards organized by the FTA.

All these organizations have in common, promoting quality, development, sustainability and strengthening of our union. The chances of being part of an experience like that is more feasible than you think. Would you dare?