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Today’s flexo designers work with larger files, on complex projects, with multiple components, design programs in the packaging industry have experienced significant advances over time, incorporating tools and technologies to improve productivity and efficiency. For this reason, we bring you a summary of the most used design programs in the guild, both for the preparation and for the creation of files:

Adobe Illustrator: developed by Adobe Inc. is a design tool used for the creation and manipulation of vector graphics, this means that the images created in Illustrator are composed of geometric shapes defined by mathematically precise points, lines and curves, allowing illustrations to and graphics are scalable without loss of quality, since vectors automatically adjust to different sizes. It allows you to export the designs in various file formats, such as PDF, EPS, SVG, among others, which makes it easy to print and use in various digital media. This program is ideal for creating logos, illustrations, typography and label design.

Esko ArtPro+: is prepress software developed by Esko, a company specializing in software and hardware solutions for the packaging and label industry. ArtPro+ allows you to make fine adjustments to design files, such as color separations, special ink management, halftone screens, and registration corrections. It is specifically designed to meet flexoprinting needs and ensure high print quality.

Esko Studio: another software solution from Esko, it provides tools for creating 3D product and packaging images, allowing designers to visualize and simulate how designs will look on actual packaging. It allows you to create animations and interactive visualizations of the products, such as 360-degree rotation, assembly-disassembly animations and simulations of opening or closing containers. This feature is widely used in design concept presentations and virtual testing prior to production.

Kodak Flexcel NX System: offers a solution that includes design software, such as Kodak Flexcel Designer, allows you to create optimized flexographic print files, has color and screen management tools. One important note is that this program, unlike the rest, can only be used between Kodak licensed products.

After this summary, you will surely ask yourself, why don’t we include Adobe Photoshop?, and the answer is that Adobe Photoshop is used occasionally for specific tasks related to image editing or the preparation of certain graphic elements, it is not the most common, nor primary in the packaging design workflow.

The choice of design software will depend on the specific production needs of your printing company, the workflow and the preferences of your work team.

We understand what it takes to create a design team (human capital, technology, training and updating), that’s why at Grafiflex, we offer our clients, as an added value, the adaptation of plans, designs and redistribution of elements in all their projects. .

If you want to know everything we have available to facilitate your workflow, contact us, together we can take your prints to the next level.

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