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If you are going to buy a flexo printing machine, This article is for you

Buying a flexographic printing machine represents a considerable investment, so it is important that you do research that supports that initiative and avoid pitfalls that waste time and money.

We share the most important aspects that you should consider:

1.- Identify the needs of your business, type of substrate you want to print (paper, cardboard, glasses, labels, etc.), number of colors you are going to offer, size, resolution, etc.

2.- Once the substrate (material) that you are going to print has been identified, investigate the suppliers that distribute the supplies and equipment that you are going to need, (machines, inks, sticky back, prepress, etc.) through the internet, specialized magazines in the printing industry, attending trade shows, etc.

3.- Make sure that the quotes include all the important information, such as the cost of the machine, shipping and installation costs, training and any services such as maintenance and support.

4.- Compare the technical specifications of the providers you investigated. Analyze the guarantee and quality of what they offer you.

5.- When you have defined the company that will manufacture your flexographic plates (prepress) talk about your concerns, from our own experience, we assure you they will be of great help, since they can open up the range of supplier options and will land many of your ideas, guiding you in processes that you surely did not have foreseen.

6.- Be clear about the specialists you should hire, such as a printing press operator, graphic designer, among others.

7.- Evaluate the cost-benefit and the return time of your investment.

Having a clear picture will make the materialization of your printing press become a successful, profitable and long-lasting project.

If, taking these aspects as a reference, you consider that you need our guidance, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to advise you.

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