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The anilox is the heart of your machine, take care of it!

Anilox rollers are responsible for the consistency and quality of your prints, are expensive, and must be handled with care. Taking this into account, the logical thing to do is to take care of them so that they last as long as possible and you don’t have color transfer problems.

A basic and effective maintenance protocol is:

1.- Clean them as soon as the printing is finished, before the ink dries.

2.- Store them in a dry place.

3.- Avoid large temperature variations (+/-15°C/60°F).

4.- Assemble them correctly in the press at the time of printing.

5.- Carry out periodic inspections, to determine wear, damage and the filling of ink residues and also to verify the cleaning efficiency.

6.- Review them with a magnifying glass with a power of 30 or 100 with light, to visualize the cells, to detect situations such as:

• Deformations on the surface.

• Covered cells.

• Bridges between cells.

• Volume reduction.

If you detect any of these situations during the review, you generate a timely alert for its replacement and avoid noticing it during a print run.

Regular servicing will extend their life and ensure they continue to provide accurate and consistent ink transfer for years to come. For this reason, in the flexo industry they say: ¨ If you take care of your anilox, they will take care of you ¨.

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