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It is often thought that any design can be used in flexographic printing and this is not entirely true. Customers usually have in mind colors, images and designs made for digital printing and when they want to take them to flexographic printing, they find that this design must be lifted again and adjusted for this printing process, consequently colors, lines and combinations are substituted. of the original design that could compromise the quality of the print.

Why is this happening?

The design process of a package, which will be printed in flexography, is highly specialized and technical aspects are involved that must be taken into account so that the final result is the desired one.

Here are some factors that must be analyzed and that every design for flexographic printing must cover:

  • The colors to use.
  •  The type of substrate.
  •  The printing machine.
  • The point gain.
  • The intensity of the image.
  • The color values ​​made with combinations CMYK, Hexacromia, ect.
  • The thickness of details in the image, such as letters and lines.
  • Number and run sequence of ink colors.
  • Laminations and coatings.

Another important point, which does not directly affect the prepress but does affect the press, is the environment, since before printing the flexographic printing equipment must take into account what type of environment the packaging will be exposed to (outdoors , high or low temperatures of cold – heat – water), depending on this, the substrate and the inks that will be used in the printing will be determined.

When the design is in the development phase at Grafiflex SRL, we have different tools and technology to identify errors and guarantee that the design will be as the client wishes. We use the ArtPro + program, which is a native PDF editor for packaging prepress.

So when you send us a PDF file from our Design team, you can work, with ArtPro +, directly on the PDF files, with a robust set of editing functions. ArtPro+ imports standard PDF and ArtPro files, saving metadata such as barcode information or screening information.

PDF files edited with ArtPro+ are self-contained. They include all the image, font, and profile information, so you can seamlessly share the results and the file. ArtPro + complies with the latest PDF standards for packaging, such as ISO 19593.

ArtPro + reduces inadvertent errors during editing

  • ArtPro+ has 200 rules to automatically check and identify possible errors and specification violations
  • Thanks to a unique navigation concept, ArtPro+ offers direct access to the appropriate transparency and object level without the need to disassemble the PDF.
  • PDF Action Lists allow you to instantly automate repetitive tasks, reducing human intervention

Easy PDF editing

  • ArtPro + combines smart selection tools, traces (graphical control elements), and a set of simple icons to provide easy viewing and access to graphical objects and their properties
  • Allows you to easily set and change mask and clipping parameters, and transparency and blending modes
  • Analyze and edit fills and strokes efficiently, with simple color and gradient inspectors
  • Change color efficiently, no need to search and select objects

Having good flexo prepress equipment is critical to achieving high quality prints.

At Grafiflex, we have the art design service for flexographic packaging. We have at your disposal a highly trained and specialized team to turn the packaging of your client’s dreams into a reality.

Do you have any project on mind? Do you need a flexo printing design team?

Contact us, we will gladly assist you, we have what you need, we are the perfect gear between technology, knowledge and experience, together we can take your impressions to the next level.

We’re here to serve you! Grafiflex SRL | WhatsApp: +1 (849) 451-4315