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Computer To Plate (CTP) / Cyrel Digital Imager (CDI)

The importance of all Computer To Plate (CTP) lies in guaranteeing a cleaner and more open printing process than with standard resolution and thanks to technological advances, the results are fantastic.

There are several suppliers of CTP machines for flexo and they all have one point in common: they seek that their exposure units offer high resolution in their finishes, obtain higher resolutions in combination with screening systems to achieve better points in the shadows, points that fade to white, reproduction from highlights to quarter tones and details in the shadows that produce better appearance.

The Computer To Plate (CTP) can adapt to different sizes of plates, everything will depend on the substrate you are going to print and the scope you want in your prints.

We mention two of the CTP Flexo providers that you will find in the market:

Esko offers the CYREL® DIGITAL IMAGER SPARK family.

Which one suits you best? That will depend on the substrate you are going to print (labels, cardboard, plastics), the space and the volume you handle. Its most recent version called CDI CRYSTAL, is a new exposure equipment, works with Crystal technology, designed to connect directly with the XPS Crystal UV digital exposure device. With this CDI, Esko offers to produce perfect plates for all flexo printing applications that require high throughput and print stability on the press.

Since Cyrel Digital Imager (CDI) technology was first introduced for digital plate production at the Drupa Expo in 1995, statistically it can be said that after 18 years, more than 90% of digital flexo plates are displayed on a Cyrel Digital Imager (CDI) manufactured by Esko.

Screen, this company has been manufacturing CTP for more than 12 years, they offer to provide solutions for all press sizes and for all performance requirements.

They indicate that their CTP devices have a useful life of more than 10 years, offer workflow solutions automating the key steps in prepress production in conventional offset, flexo and digital printing environments.

It has a variety of CTPs, to cover every type of need. Specifically in the Flexographic area.

They have the PlateRite Flexo CTP, which can work perfectly in the production of labels, flexible packaging, folding cartons and corrugated packaging.

The incorporation of CTPs for Flexo brought to the flexographic world a great advance, with excellent results in printing, which at that time were only moderately achievable through Offset or Rotogravure. So advanced screening methods and plate room automation, even the best display equipment on the market today, are becoming increasingly simple and efficient.

Flexography technology remains fully advanced, because the entire production chain is constantly reformulating all the steps within the flexographic process 24/7, suppliers are looking for solutions on how to do it better, faster, more profitable and an endless number of concerns aimed at achieving better results. They constantly challenge the production cycle and as a result a wide range of advanced developments are obtained.

At Grafiflex SRL, we know the importance of being a differential within the competition, we understand the need to be at the forefront.

Our flexographic plates are processed with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, so we guarantee our customers high-quality prints.

We are the perfect gear between technology, knowledge and experience.

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