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Esko Unlocks the Potential of Variable Data Printing with the World’s First Integrated Automation Solution

Our commercial allies, RTA Digital, Inc. Esko, with the production of variable data printing (VDP), together with ePac Flexible Packaging® and Scantrust, join forces and offer the world of packaging large-scale solutions, managing to print Secure and serialized QR codes, making packaging an experience for the consumer and for the manufacturer of the product.

Achieving an interactive platform that provides for both parties, a universe of information 24/7, regardless of geographical location.

Why is this innovation so important in flexible packaging? Let’s start at the beginning, which stands for Variable Data Printing (DVP).

It is called Variable Data Printing (DVP), because it is made up of two pieces of information, one fixed and the other that varies. The fixed part is made up of the brand’s own elements, such as the logo, the address, the telephone, etc. and the variable part is the one that will be adapted for the user, such as specific texts (name, surname, address, postal code), graphic elements, and / or images. By uniting both information (fixed and variable), the data of a client can be customized to any paper or medium.

Whether it is brochures, labels, boxes, identification cards, a text, a graphic or an image and adapt it to where it is intended, that is, a special promotion could be made depending on the region and postal code; You can send mass shipments to congratulate birthdays, etc., the possibilities are endless.

Some of the applications for variable data are: EFI Fiery Freeform, Kodak DARWIN VI Authoring Tool, HP SmartStream Designer, Xerox Freeflow, Esko Artwork variable Data Printing (esko plugin for Adobe Illustrator), Direct Smile and programs such as Adobe Indesign, or Corel Draw that also allow you to do VDP in a very professional way.

We are sure that you have seen these QR codes on many packages and you have surely wondered what they are? And what are they for? These Codes, hand in hand with Variable Data Printing, allow consumers and brands a world of possibilities: verify authenticity, track packaging, enable security alerts and obtain reports on market and supply chain activities, These are about to name you some statistics, but they can go much further and offer the consumer AN ENTIRE EXPERIENCE!.

Paul Land, Esko Product Manager, explains: “By connecting the Automation Engine VDP module with Scantrust, we have created a code structure that makes it easy for drives to use. This implementation is not only the first of its kind, but it also makes possible benefits that were previously difficult to achieve, making localization, serialization, customization and traceability possible; advances in automation mean that technology can now be used even more to transform the prepress environment ”. Using the cloud for 24/7 global access to data and new scalability capabilities, Automation Engine enables ePac to unleash the potential of VDP for an organization, seamlessly. “

A very ingenious example “by the way” was that of Pizza Hut, which added a Pac-Man board to its usual packaging, and by scanning the QR Code with a cell phone, the consumer can play this famous video game, thus achieving a unique experience. By means of variable data (the data that is not printed and is adapted from a cloud) many companies carry out raffles, send recipes and all kinds of information adapted to the consumer in each region and without the need to print the packaging.

Variable data is also a powerful tool for the manufacturer of products for mass consumption, who with a single click, can turn their packaging into an interactive platform with the consumer, which in turn provides valuable information not only to improve quality and service, but also to protect the brand.

If you still do not benefit from this technological advance, we encourage you to do so.

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Source Imagen: RTA Digital, Inc