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Flexographic Plates

Technological advances in: inks, printing machines, substrates, design, represent a challenge both for the manufacturers of photopolymer plates, as well as for those who process them. It is almost an obligation to stay updated and at the forefront with technology, to guarantee our clients high quality photopolymer plates.

What technological advances are there currently in flexographic plates?

Dupont, recently launched on the market, plates for exposure to UV LEDs, a novel system that promises several advantages over conventional systems, such as: achieving a standardized production and high consistency, less user interference and operator errors, guaranteeing an easy combination with automation, day-to-day repeatability and, above all, high quality in the final product.

Esko, created two technologies that we have talked about in previous topics, the technologies: Pixel+ and Equinox. Pixel+, which is additional support for DuPont ™ Cyrel® DigiFlow, MacDermid LUX and Flint NExT flat dot workflows. It is guaranteed to create images of very small micro cell patterns on the surface of the plate to help with ink transfer. It is commonly used in broadband printing with solvent-based inks and can also be used with water-based and UV inks in some applications. And Equinox technology brings its expanded gamut, converting spot colors to a fixed set of inks, offering to reduce non-productive time between jobs and increase productivity, converting spot colors to CMYK, and eliminating spot colors, where possible and standardized over an expanded gamut (CMYK + 2 or 3 additional inks).

Esko also leads in global innovation, this time in the production of variable data packaging, making the most of the benefits of Variable Data Printing (VDP), both in terms of speed and scale. This development is a new collaboration with Scantrust and the pioneer in “Flexible packaging” ePac®. Esko Automation Engine is at the heart of the operation, with its innovative VDP technology, which allows to print secure and serialized QR codes on a large scale , driving the potential of variable data for the new packaging service that connects the product and the consumer called ePacConnect ™.

Progress in the area of ​​flexographic plates is not only fast, but it is diverse, since it involves many industries within the process, which is why there are fairs and conventions of the highest international recognition, where all suppliers meet, manufacturers, service providers of the packaging industry and these are: fairs. In them we can learn about technological advances, they are the perfect networking scenario.

Here are some of these:

Drupa, is the world’s most important graphic arts technology fair, held in Düsseldorf, Germany. It’s on everyone’s list as it provides a fundamental boost to numerous graphic arts, industrial, media, and packaging production applications. It is considered the forum where innovations are presented to the market, where new business models are developed and where new alliances are formed.

FESPA, is the largest exhibition in the graphic arts industry in Mexico and Central America, providing visitors with the latest developments in technology, solutions and trend ideas. It was the setting for exclusive product launches, educational content, and live demos. An example of this was Polaroid that stood out with its T-Rex FBS equipment in its 1.22 x 2.44 m format and its new Ricoh G6 head, the 60 cm DTF equipment with spectacular prints, the Micro UV Led flatbed of 90 X 60 cm and the 3.20 m Ecofast.

Interpack 2023, this event has been held in Düsseldorf Germany for more than 53 years, it exhibits around 3,000 companies from about 60 countries, is considered by many one of the main events in the packaging sector, its statistics highlight that they receive an average of more than 170,000 visitors. It had a date for this year 2021, but due to the large audience that this fair attracts, along with demands from the government of that country, they preferred to cancel it and celebrate it soon for the year 2023, so if you are interested in participating, you are still on time.

PACK EXPO International 2022, is held in the United States and Mexico. Whether you are launching new products, expanding e-commerce operations, working around labor shortages, trying to cut costs, or looking to differentiate your products through impactful packaging, PACK EXPO International promises that you will find it all in One place.

Label Congress, is a new niche event from the Labelexpo team. Held in the United States, recently in Chicago, it promises to provide an opportunity for the industry to meet in person.

At Grafiflex SRL, we are at the forefront of technology, we know its importance to put it at the service of our clients, achieving a perfect match between knowledge and experience.

Do you want to know more about Pixel+ and Equinox? Contact us, we will gladly assist you, we have what you need, together we can take your impressions to the next level.

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