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Esko Pixel + (Pixel plus) … Our new technology

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Do you want to have flat solids with higher coverage and screens with lower point gain? Do you want to save on each production or run?

At Grafiflex, we are committed to offering our customers solutions to common problems at the time of printing, as well as offering them new technologies that are in the market and innovative solutions for a better product and end result.

That is why we have brought Esko Pixel + technology to our photopolymer plate manufacturing process.

Having flat solids with greater coverage, wefts with lower point gain, are already a reality within the reach of your plates.

Don’t you know it? We will show you what Pixel + is about.

This technology allows very small microcell pattern images to be created on the surface of the plate to assist with ink transfer.

It is commonly used in broadband printing with solvent-based inks and can also be used with UV and water-based inks in some applications, for making flatbed plates such as DuPont, Digiflow, MacDermid LUX or Flint Next .

It consists of a CDI update and an HD-Flexo update.

You will ask yourself:

What should I do to benefit from Pixel + technology?

Before its implementation, a test called Pixel Improvement Steps Test or PixelBoost is required, also known as Step Test, where the step test with patches of different powers is printed to locate the best settings of the Esko CDI, in each system. of impression. Where it basically shows us how to understand which microcell and pixelboost pattern can work, thus improving the printing condition.

Suppliers like Dupont recommend running this test on both the anilox used for process colors and the anilox used for spot colors. Commonly this proof is printed with white ink to try to dwell on the opacity and the layer, resulting at the time of printing flat solids with greater coverage and screens with lower dot gain.

On what substrate can I print with Pixel +?

This technology is applicable for plastic printers, specifically BOPP labels, Metallized Film, Pet plastics, BioPP, Polipro, among others.

Your equipment must have minimum control conditions, such as speed measurement, viscosity, anilox in good condition, inks normalized with the standard for printing.

Do you want to have more information about Pixel +? Contact us, at Grafiflex SRL, we put at your disposal our knowledge, experience with this technology to guide you and take you to the next level in your impressions.

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