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More from Hexachromia, Equinox by Esko

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In the past, customers were happy just to have “pretty pictures” printed.

At present, printers have at their disposal better tools to achieve a high level of quality in their prints and the final consumer is aware of the existence of these tools, so they seek to benefit from them to achieve that through their packaging and Your product will stand out from the competition. Thanks to the technological advances that exist today we can satisfy the most demanding standards. We have a great example of these advances in Hexachromia.

Note that not all four-color process jobs need to be converted to hex, but there is definitely a niche for six-color process and it is images that are saturated with reds and greens.

In this way and from the four basic colors cyan, magenta, yellow and black, and adding orange and green, a color space has been generated that allows a greater number of colors to be achieved (CMYKOG).

This color model is used in high quality prints, in which it is very important to reproduce as faithfully as possible the spectrum of colors that humans are capable of visualizing.

It is usually used, for example, in packaging.

To get an idea of ​​the faithful reproduction capacity of hexachromia, you only have to compare images printed in four-color and hexachromia or, failing that, compare percentages: with CMYK it is possible to display 70% of the Pantone color space while with the six colors it is reached up to 90-93%.

Result in the final piece? more saturated, more contrasting, more luminous colors, vibrant colors and subtle tones.

Expanded gamut printing.

At Grafiflex SRL, we use the technology of our strategic partner ESKO, who developed a program called: Equinox, for the implementation of expanded gamut printing.

What does Equinox do? standardizes your printing presses with an ink set of your choice. In this way, you save on inks, plates and optimize time, since the burden of changing jobs on your presses is strictly reduced when changing printing plates.

Printing with an expanded gamut or extended gamut means that the packaging is not printed with a combination of CMYK and specialty inks. Generally the press is standardized with CMYK + 2 or 3 additional inks (eg Orange, Green and Blue). By adding these 3 colors to the traditional CMYK gamut, printers can get more and better colors.

With Equinox, printers no longer have to change specialty inks for each job, thus increasing the productivity of their presses while reducing their ink costs. ´´Thanks to Equinox, we can now offer higher quality and more salable printing, with less color differentiation. We have expanded our color space and regularly use extended gamut printing. We are also saving an average of 25% on inks. ” Evgeny Lungin, Head of Prepress at Uniflex, operating in Belarus.

Do you want to have more information about press characterization, Hexachromia? Are you wondering if your packaging designs can have better results, vibrant colors and better visuals?.

Contact us, at Grafiflex SRL, we have the knowledge, experience and these technologies to guide you and take you to the next level in your impressions.

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