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Grafiflex, our history!

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Grafiflex, we are a family business of Dominican origin, we emigrated to Venezuela more than 40 years ago. The beginning of this venture was born from the heart of our founder Juan Pablo Tejada Mora, my father. Who had pre-press knowledge and knew that he had a lot to offer, so his dream step by step transformed it into a reality.

In 1993, he founded Trading World, a company with a very global business idea, integrated by the family nucleus, I was in charge of the administration, my father was dedicated to attracting and serving clients outside the state and my mother, Ana María, was in charge of dispatching and collecting the work of local clients.

After a few years we consolidated with an excellent work team, we acquired German machines, thanks to the support of a supplier who noticed the progress of the company with equipment made in an artisanal way, allowing us to carry out centralized operations, making the decision to expand and search Possibilities of establishing a branch in the Dominican Republic to meet the prepress needs of the country and the Caribbean.

By 2012, with the expertise and focus on graphic arts, we changed our name in Venezuela to: World Flex, with the integration that my brother, Juan Pablo Tejada Jr., was in charge of the administration and operations of the company. .

This is how in 2002 Grafiflex was born, only with the sales area, since the cliches were produced in Venezuela.

Due to the demand of the local market, in just 12 months we managed to have total operations in the Dominican Republic.

We are a modern, solid company, a reference for prepress and graphic arts in the Dominican territory with the production of photopolymer plates, with more than 19 years of experience, positioned as a reliable supplier not only in the national industry, but also in the Caribbean.

We currently offer our clients the best solutions in flexography, prepress and graphic arts, exceeding quality and service expectations.

We believe and bet on the constant training of our human capital, using the best technology on the market and seeking continuous improvement of all processes, always focused on the satisfaction of our clients.

Our leadership in service, technology, efficiency and quality allows us to be the best partner for our clients in each of the locations where we carry out our activities.

“There are people who dream of success, others get up and work to achieve it”.