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Grafiflex SRL comes to your Island

We have positioned ourselves in the Caribbean as the company with the most knowledge and experience in the flexography market.

We have been in business for almost 20 years, supporting: multinationals, entrepreneurs, local companies. Companies dedicated to the printing of plastic packaging, corrugated cardboard, biodegradable packaging, paper bags, labels, paper, polyethylene, among others, both locally and internationally.

When clients contact us, they usually tell us about our value proposition, which is tied to important market indicators:

– Delivery time of new plates in 48 hours maximum and in 24 hours for replacements

– We have CDI digital plate engraving equipment.

– Photopolymer plate processing equipment.

– Daily routes for the delivery of national and international personalized jobs, which translates into faster and more efficient deliveries as well as a greater capacity to handle volume of jobs, without affecting delivery times.

– Web platform for shipments and job tracking,, through which customers have 24/7 access to send their requirements as well as see their status.

At Grafiflex, we have a team of professionals in graphic arts and flexography capable of carrying out each stage of your investment project in corporate brand identification. Thus offering the following services:

CLISES IN PHOTOPOLYMER: Called Engravings, Clise or Plate, the plates in photopolymer are plastic materials sensitive to untraviolet light (UV rays), which are made by a direct process. They are engraved by a laser on the carbon mask that comes with the photopolymer, exposed to ultraviolet light that penetrates the areas removed by the laser commonly called image areas. The exposed (polymerized) area remains as a raised image and is defined as the printing surface of the plate.

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Our team is there to guide you in the development of your idea and / or define graphic elements of your final work.

HEXACHROMY: With this printing technique that results from the conjunction of 6 colors, (green, orange, cyan, magenta, yellow and black), so that it allows the combination of a wide range of colors, which can be produced with a defined number of colorants in your design. Printing systems cannot produce the full spectrum of colors that the human eye can see, we use hexachromia that is capable of achieving this with a high percentage.

CHARACTERIZATION: When we talk about characterizing the press, it means that we standardize the entire printing process, from the Pre-Press to the press, setting the type of plate, Inks, Mounting Tapes and Anilox.

Can’t you find digital flexography services or the processing of photopolymer plates to print your packaging on your island?

If you are evaluating other suppliers and suppliers, with us, you will have an ally and solution in the manufacture of your Photopolymer plates (Clicé). We are present throughout the Caribbean, especially in: Puerto Rico, Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Aruba and Jamaica.

We’re here to serve you! Grafiflex SRL | WhatsApp: +1 (809) 451-4315