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Label Trends 2021

The packaging industry is one of the sectors with the highest economic growth.

According to statistics from the renowned organization Smithers Pira, the demand for packaging will reach USD 1.05 trillion in 2025.

The Industry Reseach study cites the best manufacturers in terms of production, price, income: Multi Packaging Solutions (WestRock Company), Autajon Group, 3M Company, Clondalkin Group, Brady Corporation, Mondi Group, Cenveo Corporation, Taylor Corporation, CCL Industries , RR Donnelley & Sons Company, Fort Dearborn Company, Ahlstrom-Munksjö Oyj, Fuji Seal International Inc., Avery Dennison Corporation, Bemis Company Inc., and Constantia Flexibles Group GmbH.

Adhesive labels with flexography, it is known to everyone that adhesive labels, which can be printed with this technique, have the advantage of being able to be carried out in large runs, reducing production time and also their cost. The inks that are usually used dry very quickly, thus being able to increase the production of the labels and do many more in a shorter manufacturing time. Glued, wet, pressure sensitive or self-adhesive labels, uncoated labels, multi-part barcode label, in-mold label, and shrink label sleeve are some of the most common depending on the product. And on the basis of users and / or applications, they have a higher volume of runs in the following sectors: consumer goods, medical, agriculture, fashion, electronics and household appliances, among others.

Despite the challenging year 2020, the label printing sector increased its activity due to the high demand for food and hygiene products. About 85% of consumers say they have made changes to their food consumption due to COVID-19. And one of the most recurrent is undoubtedly online shopping, since it is seen as a safer alternative than visiting a physical store.

We present below some trends for label design, as a result of the aforementioned:

  • The digital influence, sans serif or sans serif fonts are characterized by being characters without ornaments or flashy finishes. Clean letters and symbols that convey seriousness, modernity and do not break with the most used fonts on web pages and mobile applications.
  • Labels with colors that convey messages, color will continue to be a fundamental element in the design of new labels in 2021. Colors that represent values ​​and feelings for labels that seek to awaken the consumer’s attention and connect with their emotions.
  • Minimalism, icons, emojis, emoticons and illustrations will be part of all these creations. Just as the use of geometric shapes consolidates its expansion and advances with 3D techniques such as voxel art, which consists of the creation with cubes of all kinds of elements, living beings or shapes.
  • Sustainable design and ecological packaging, use ecological materials and sustainable processes both in its design and production.
  • Personalized flexible packaging doubly protects the product, lengthens its life, and also maintains its original properties. This type of packaging is considered as “the new generation of packaging”. According to Food Emphasis.

Every day, at Grafiflex, we see how our customers consider these and other new elements when designing packaging for their customers and / or products.

If you are in the label market, trends will help you evaluate, rethink and design an innovative label that will position your product in the market.

At Grafiflex, through our services, you can count on an ally for all your business questions.

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