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Esko ArtPro + Design Program

ArtPro + is a next-generation prepress editor from Esko  that continues to evolve.

ArtPro + is the PDF editor for either Mac or PC. This program is used for packaging prepress, offers multiple benefits: it reduces unintentional errors when editing and gives the option of working with a proprietary file format so that the editor can work directly on PDF files with a complete set of functions. edition, we quote some:

  • Import and open any PDF file whether normalized or formatted, saving metadata, ink properties, image links, barcode information or screening information.
  • PDF files edited with this program are self-contained and comply with the latest PDF for packaging standards, such as ISO 19593.
  • Speed, since large designs can be opened in a few seconds.
  • Enables variable data printing with the click of a button for labels and folding carton converters.
  • Automate repeat prepress tasks, allowing for greater standardization.
  • Analyze and edit fills and strokes using Color Inspectors.
  • Reduce lead times as with an intuitive user interface to increase operator efficiency, ArtPro + requires minimal training – a cluster-free workplace, providing the right functions when you need them.
  • It has Studio 3D viewing capabilities.

How ArPro + works as needed:

In Trapping, you can capture files automatically. They can be saved and used after a change is made to the file, so there is no need to re-copy the entire file. ArtPro + introduces a new automatic capture mode for reverse capture.

It recognizes text objects in a PDF and combines them into meaningful text boxes. Character and font recognition functionality also converts outlined fonts to editable text for easy editing. Text changes to outlined text can now be done as efficiently as live text.

With PDF action lists, prepress tasks are automated without the need for special programming or scripting skills. Actions are simply dragged into a list, which can be used directly in ArtPro + and shared among team members or run fully automated in an Esko Automation Engine workflow.

Easy Barcode Recognition, In ArtPro + they can be safely converted into reliable Esko barcodes. A compare function highlights any deviations to ensure customizations are captured.

Non-Destructive Warping, you can warp graphics to compensate for distortions during the packaging production process. Any ArtPro or PackEdge grid file can be used to warp graphics in a native PDF file. So with this non-destructive warping feature, the files remain fully editable, allowing you to change the layout at any time.

Distortion Graphics offers users to interactively pre-distort graphics for shrink sleeve production, resulting in what used to take hours now takes minutes.

Through Equinox in ArtPro + you have the ability to match color without restricting control to optimize for various printing requirements. It is not easy to edit illustrations that have been converted from spot colors to multi-color process colors and through this program that situation is resolved.

ArtPro + with PlateCut, represent a perfect combination when cutting a flexographic plate, since the graphic content of each separation is defined individually, so the creation of cutting paths is only a simple operation, which translates on time.

If you are in the packaging market, this is a program that your team must count on, since it brings together quality, avant-garde, automation and time in a click, as its creator, Esko ArtPro + expresses it well.

At Grafiflex we have this valuable tool which has allowed us to raise our quality standards, through our services you can count on an ally for all your business questions.

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Source image, Esko ArtPro