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Digital flexographic printing machines

Digital flexography is a modern version of letterpress that we all know before. This printing method is used on almost any type of substrate, including plastic, cardboard, fabric, and others.

Flexographic printing is used to print on any flexible material.

Advantages of digital flexography

  1. Ideal for large orders.
  2. Consumables are lower in cost.
  3. It allows printing on different types of materials.
  4. The working speed is quite fast.
  5. With flexo, we can control printing, punching and laminating in a single pass.

In our FlexoNews blog, in previous editions we had talked extensively about the different flexographic printing machines on the market. By then we widely cited center drum machines. This time we will talk about online presses.

Inline presses are the third most commonly used type. Its color stations are complete units, separate, arranged horizontally and driven by a common transmission shaft.

They can be in any number of colors and can be designed to handle extremely wide rolls. They are especially used in printing folding boxes, corrugated boxes, normal and self-adhesive labels on web rolls narrow multiple among others.

The inline press has the versatility to print on both sides of a roll, either by reversing the ribbon with the bar reversal system or by using an alternate threading pattern. These presses can also be used for dip coating when total coloring of an absorbent material is required.

Different options

The Asian Shanzhang IND, with his SFM-CI series machine.

The new Uteco.

Whether you print cardboard or paper, Heidelberg Intro offers performance and meets high standards for safety and precision. For medium or large quantity orders, Heidelberg Intro processes your job in a single pass from roll to roll or roll to die cut at record speed. This machine can be configured for many different applications.

MPS Printing Productivity, with MPS EXL-Packaging offers wider and faster flexo printing without limits. Extremely fast changeover times and remarkably short setup waste ensure optimal and productive printing and converting.

Advantages of the process

Inline flexo printing and rotary die cutting produces complex packaging in a single pass and at high speed.

In a future edition we will give you the characteristics of the conventional press (Torre or Pila).

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Source image  Asian Shanzhang IND