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Flexographic Printing Machines

Companies with decades of consulting excellence in the flexo world, we present you some market leaders with good news.

Novaflex, with over 39 years of experience in the industries of: flexo, gravure, offset, inking, laminating and converting. Novaflex’s long history contributes to the growth of its clients by troubleshooting problems and recommending technical ideas during the review process. New Flexo is a modern approach to wide-format flexo printing with no known problems associated with center-press presses. With special vision intelligence before the drying tunnel, installation materials were drastically reduced … to around 26 feet, which is important with today’s short runs and multiple sku’s.

From Windmöller & Hölscher, there is MIRAFLEX, it is the new generation stack type flexographic printing machine with many unique advantages. Completely gearless and designed to achieve the highest quality flexo printing on all materials. It offers registration and print quality equivalent to that of the center drum, but with more benefits, such as running some colors in production, while you can safely prepare colors that will not be used for the next job. Platforms that are not in use are completely closed without anything moving so the operator can safely change sleeves and ink sets. Another advantage is printing both sides of the web in one pass, without turning bars.

With direct drive technology on each counter impression cylinder, there is no master transmission as with a center impression. All units are masters and communicate in sync to maintain the web log throughout the run.

Ducan, with UTECO, the in-line flexographic presses (Diamond SIL, Crystal SIL, Onyx SIL), high speed, highly automated and flexible. The inline machines can be supplied with different colors, drying systems, winders and suitable for printing different types of inks. This flexographic printing machine is specifically aimed at companies that want to diversify their presence in the packaging market, thus expanding their offerings and increasing opportunities, as well as their growth potential.

MONOTECH, with the development of technology, newer applications, demanding turnarounds and short runs, label printers must keep up. Flexographic printing is more popular when it comes to labels, but digital is a complementary technology to flexography. Combining inkjet with flexo to add information and / or customer-centric customization in packaging and printing production can generate several benefits, reduction in purchase cost due to reuse of existing flexo press for inline operations , with no additional space requirements due to its flexibility and it also offers an “all-in-one package solution”.

Since UV digital inkjet is the future and Monotech Systems brings Colornovo under the JETSCI brand, the latest, innovative, robust, stable and fastest production solution at incredible costs, productivity associated with flexo with the flexibility offered by the rapid job change technology. This enables label printers and converters to keep pace with business and move towards fully digital production that complements their existing workflows.

The digital printing market is competitive. And just in demanding and competitive times, how can you secure your investment in digital printing equipment? What supplier and equipment should you buy?.

From our perspective, through this blog and the content we publish we seek to serve you.

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