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extended gamut

 With examples like the Equinox line, can make a significant business impact out of the box.

It is the latest advancement in polychromatic printing technology, achieving spot colors, pantone 90% more accurate than CMYK by adding orange, green and purple to the color gamut.

According to experts, extended-gamut printing has been around for more than 20 years, but it has been limited to offset printing, due to the historical limitations of the flexographic printing process.

Review the packaging, the biggest impact of ECG printing, is on the efficiency. By fully adopting ECG ink sets and replacing spot colors with polychromatic reproductions, flexo printers, in addition to saving on setup and material costs, waste less and produce more.

According to ESKO, with Equinox, printers no longer have to change spot color inks for each and every packaging job, so they can increase the productivity of their presses while reducing ink costs.

Esko has improved the quality level of flexography to match that of processes such as offset or gravure with HD Flexo technology, becoming the new standard in flexography as it supports most digital flexo plates and is suitable for printing applications. such as labels, flexible packaging or corrugated cardboard.
To guarantee this quality, they have implemented a strict certification process that recognizes the excellent print quality that their technology achieves.

´´The equinox system has allowed us to achieve precise printing of special colors, with a set of fixed inks, converting direct pantones to CMYK + 2 or 3 additional colors, which allows the reduction of productive times in job changes , managing to increase productivity´´ Gwendolyne Tejada, General Manager Grafiflex SRL

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