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When we talk about flexographic services in the world of printing, we refer to the prepress process, also known as the prepress process, where the final arts with different graphic content (images, screens, lines, etc.), are prepared for printing to obtain a plate that will be used in the printing of a package.

In the history of printing, the prepress has been used since the middle of the year 2000, its evolution through the years has been very interesting, fast and innovative. Since not only ways have been sought to make it more accelerated, currently less harmful materials for the environment and reusable are used in hundreds of products.

Digital prepress is the answer for those printers who want the best printing sharpness for their finished products, achieve innovative, ambitious projects and seek a true visual experience in their final result.


The main function of prepress services is to have the ability to observe in macro the impression that you want to obtain in a specific project. Take into account the limitations and advantages of the printing process and prepare the design piece to obtain the desired result.

The prepress equipment is in charge of processes such as color separation, observing possible registration failures, retouching images and gradients, to ensure reproducible minimum points and ink maximums, seeking the greatest range and color contrast, checking that the texts respect minimum possible printing, that the barcodes have adequate compensation, among many other things.

Flexographic printing is done with such amazing speed that any error can affect it in many ways and one of the objectives of the pre-press is to verify all these points before printing, as well as the processing of the technical information of the printing machine, so it must be treated by experts.


Flexographic printing has digital standards, color and state-specific regulations, so if you want to cover all the specifications, you need a trained art production and prepress team to be able to do the job based on the desired result. to have.

To work with CMYK, Hexacromia, Equinox, etc. You must have a trained team to develop it, with specific digital parameters for the production of a consistent print, so without a doubt, having a good prepress equipment is vital to obtain high-quality jobs.