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Flexographic Associations

The Flexography union is wide, one of the best venues to share news, trends, technologies and good practices related to the world of flexography, are Associations.

Through the associations, companies can participate in the different fairs and workshops.

The different associations worldwide are organic platforms for companies that are part of the sector’s value chain and thus be able to relate and network.

On this side of the world we can cite several:

The Colombian Association of the Graphic Communication Industry, Andigraf, works to promote the productivity, competitiveness and innovation of the companies that participate in the value chain of segments such as: editorial, public-commercial, large format, packaging, visibility, digital printing, textile printing, printed textiles, finishes, design, among others. It involves academic institutions with specialized training in graphic communication, as well as suppliers of supplies, technology and services in this large sector. 150 national and international companies among suppliers, printers, academies and cooperators are affiliated with Andigraf.

Asociación Gremial de Industriales Gráficas de Chile, created in November 1930, brings together printing companies, converters and graphic companies in Chile, in order to represent interests, share information, educate and train workers, promote business development and promote printing. sustainable.

ACOBAN, the Mexican Association of Label and Narrow Band Converters, is made up of national label converters and the most important suppliers of the Flexographic Industry at a national and international level.

They seek to represent the common interests that allow the growth and competitiveness of the associates, as well as to promote through agreements with educational institutions the training of Graphic Arts students in the area of ​​Flexography.

They carry out different impact activities, such as: granting scholarships to deserving graphic arts students, facilities for technicians in affiliated companies and not least they have created the so-called: Technical Path in Flexography, which is a specialty in flexography that includes:

1. Graphic Design and Materials in Flexography.

2. Pre-Press and Materials.

3. Flexographic Printing, Digital Printing, Printing and Security Practices.

In the United States there is the Flexographic Technical Association, it is a professional society dedicated to the advancement of the flexographic printing industry. The FTA represents nearly 1,300 companies, covering all aspects of the flexo printing supply chain. Since 1958, FTA has provided the means to one end: enabling flexographers to improve their skills, connect with like-minded people, expand their markets, and advance flexo to dominate packaging printing.

Flexography is the largest printing process in Europe, it is a growing sector due to its use in the packaging and label producing markets, driven by the growth of electronic commerce.

Agrupación Técnica Española de Flexografía, ATEF, is the Spanish Technical Association of Flexography, which represents the interests of the flexographic printing industry. ATEF recognizes the best practices in flexography through annual technical conferences and the National Flexography Contest.

Association of Polish Flexographers, its objectives is to raise the level of knowledge about flexography among the members of the organization, as well as in the professional environment, they carry out these activities to motivate the entire sector:

  • Scientific and technical conferences.
  • Professional seminars.
  • Flexography Forums (conference + exhibition) since 2003.
  • Contests “The Great Flexographic Award – Grand Prix in flexo.
  • Participation in trade fairs in the country and abroad.
  • Training for flexography.
  • Training for company representatives requesting a flexographic service in a printing company.
  • Participation in seminars and the Flexographic Forum.
  • Technical skills, equipment valuation.
  • Technical translations in the field of flexography.
  • Technical and technological consultations including the preparation and start-up of flexographic production.

As we can see, each of these organizations are interested and represent the interests of the organizations and companies involved in production and printing services that use flexographic techniques, provide consulting services and personnel training for the graphic arts segment.

It is these associations that make flexography a sector in constant research, movement and innovation.