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2022, where is the Flexography Industry going?

By 2022, the value of the global flexographic industry as a whole is forecast to be more than € 106 billion. 

The reason for this is that flexo presses have a long service life and most runs are still high volume for the retail and consumer markets.

Flexographic technology is constantly advancing. 


We have come to expect automation, which refers to end-to-end processing, from hybrid machines. At Focus, we’ve seen great strides this year in everything from equipment setup, automated setup, and press settings to finishing. This is important because it helps address a troubling issue that many of our clients have raised: skills shortages. Greater automation means fewer and less knowledgeable operators are required than before.

UV drying systems

Drying has always been an obstacle in printing, especially with unsupported substrates that are sensitive to heat.

The recent development of UV LED drying technology has already started to revolutionize flexography. We talked about this a few weeks ago when we wrote about how our recent partnership with Phoseon has provided exciting new opportunities for Focus to continue developing UV LED solutions with our Ink Partners Nazdar & Flint group. 

Expect to see a soft purple glow increasingly adopted across the industry.

Hybrid units

The jury is out on whether hybrid machines, which combine digital software with flexographic units, come under the name flexographic or digital machines. Industry reports are now starting to include hybrids in their flexo reviews, simply because that is exactly where the flexo and digital inkjet industry is heading.

The use of software improves the possibilities of automation of flexography. Simple user interfaces, greater flexibility, and greater control are just some of the reasons Hybrid Flexo machines are having a huge impact on productivity. Interest is high and increasing. You can expect to hear a lot more about hybrid printing technology in 2019 and beyond.


Consumers want it. Manufacturers need it. So print technology engineers like Focus are working hard to provide it.

Whether it’s energy-saving solutions like UV LED curing or investing in new substrate solutions, flexo printing has a vital role to play in this developing trend. Throughout 2019, we will see labels and packaging become smaller and lighter. Flexo presses must therefore lead this change and you can expect a lot of buzz about how innovations are driving sustainability across the industry.

Source:  FlexoGlobal Industry News