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Manufacture of Paper Bags in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean

Fundas Plasticas

Paper bags have different uses and there are types, whether printed, with handles, customized, windowed, for food, etc. Following environmental issues that affect us all as well as regulations that some countries have made in relation to plastic bags, many companies in different sectors are swapning their plastic bags and packaging for paper bags.

There are paper bags of various types and colors, however, there is one that predominates over the rest and are kraft paper bags, a material characterized by its recyclable and ecological use. We can find several colors, but the most requested is the brown color, similar to the color of the cardboard, and it is because the material does not go through a bleaching process when carrying out the elaboration of the bags.

Kraft paper is highlighted by both texture and thickness, both of which provide a high level of strength so that it can break easily. Given to its manufacture by a combination of cellulose fibers collected from wood from trees. Its design makes it welcome in a clear and clean way the logo of a company, to transmit the desired brand image to the customer. And also when manufactured with recyclable materials, it favors the conservation of the environment since it does not pollute.

At Grafiflex  SRL we specialize in the manufacture of clises in photopolymer, so that our customers make the manufacture of paper bags, whether for food or other uses.  Based on a good Graphic  Design.

The process of making paper bags

In this case for a kraftpaper bag, wemust define whether it will be printed or generic. In this case we will explain the step by step of printing a printed bag:

1st You must make the logo and all the information that will have printed the bag

2o We use a plate, which stamps the ink on the paper using a flexographic printer. These inks are characterized by their great speed of drying which allows to make large volumes of printing in a short period of time. Through our machines and different CDI technologies we  complete the process

3ero Once the kraft paper is printed,  it will only be necessary to insert it into the die-cutting machines, which will make the  appropriate cuts as well as the corresponding folds that will form the  kraft paper bags. The handles of the  paper bags  are also manufactured, which will eventually be joined by special adhesives.

Interesting Paper Exchange Statistics

In 2012, Haiti became the first Caribbean country to ban polystyrene containers and single-use plastic shopping bags made of polystyrene.

Polystyrene has been banned since 1 September and plastic shopping bags since February, in Granada,

The Tourism sector, one of which uses more plastic is migrating to the use of alternative materials such as reusable bags as well as paper sorbets, in the Turks and Caicos Islands, since 1 May, both locals and tourists are making the transition.

In Jamaica, the importation of polystyrene has been prohibited and, as of 1 January 2020, the use of polystyrene containers was prohibited.

It is not until 2015 that the law for the promotion of reusable exchanges and the Regulations on the Use of Plastic Bags in the Associated Free State of Puerto Rico was enacted in Puerto Rico.

So Puerto Rico joins the list of countries united in favor of environmental preservation. This has meant a considerable increase in the use of paper covers, placing it in one of the first disposable packaging used in the Caribbean region.

It is proven that paper bags are step by step penetrating markets and all sectors have been involved, both manufacturers and distributors in each country.