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Digital flexo printers

With flexographic machines, users have many advantages: available inks are water-based, easier to use and dry faster. With flexographic printing, the process is relatively simpler in addition to the possibility of being applied to a wide variety of substrates.

Currently there are different flexographic machines, depending on the arrangement of the printing units, which can also be called printing platforms. In flexographic machines, users have many advantages: available inks are water-based, easier to use and dry faster.

These are:

  • Center drum flexographic printing machines: platforms oriented around a single large diameter printing cylinder.
  • Stacked flexo machines: the platforms are one on top of the other.
  • Inline flexographic machines: printing units are arranged horizontally in a line

Currently flexographic printers, each printing unit is composed of:

  • Anilox roller: it is a very high precision ceramic and / or metallic cylinder, laser engraved with minicells of a certain angle, screen and volume to offer the precision required for printing.
  • Chamber doctor blade system: it is a device that supplies a certain amount of ink in the cells of the anilox roller.
  • Plate holder cylinder: in this the printing plate is mounted.
  • Printing cylinder: it is a sleeve on which the substrate rests as the printing plate presses it.
  • Inking system: it is the tank that stores the ink, the ink pump and the ink return lines to ensure the maintenance of the ink supply and the viscosity.

Among the most specialized manufacturers on the market we can mention:

The BOBST experts
Your Fischer & amp; Krecke, are renowned in center drum flexographic printing for the flexible materials and board industries. All Fischer & amp; Krecke allows several technical options that tailor the machine to specific production requirements and provide a competitive advantage to users.

ESKO Innovators. Those that meet all printing parameters: substrate, press, anilox, type of plate among others. Print Condition Wizard uses Esko’s deep flexo technical know-how to automatically create the perfect attributes: dot gain curves, screen.

Tecnología ESAGRAF With Panorama Hybrid, you offer digital opportunities in a 360º perspective. What & nbsp; of the DP-3 digital inkjet unit, flexographic units and conversion solutions. This type of machine covers the client’s requirements: from independent, complete and value-added PANORAMA hybrids to achieving printing solutions tailored to each type of job and client. The solutions combined with the integrated flexo printing and converting system are designed to be combined with the DP-3 for instant registration.

KYMC, has been in the market for 40 years producing flexographic machines, being one of the world leaders in the production of premium drum flexographic press centers. 

Let’s talk more about center drum flexo printing machine
Renowned for their high print quality and registration precision, these machines are in a position to compete with intaglio and lithography machines in areas such as cardboard packaging manufacturing. The applications of this machine are used in the manufacture of flexible and aluminum packaging, pre-printed faces and labels, plastic and paper bags, heavy-duty paper sacks and shrink plastic sleeves.

Its most important parts and elements are:

  • Unwinder
  • Band aligners
  • Tamper roller
  • The central drum or pressure cylinder common to all printing groups
  • The printing groups formed by the inkwells and the anilox roller
  • Dryers between inkwells or drying racks
  • The drying tunnel
  • Refrigeration calender
  • Winder

This time we developed the central drum flexographic printing machine. In another edition we will develop stacked and in-line flexographic machines.